Consultancy Announcement

I’m pleased to announce the start of my private consultancy effective January 1, 2011 and specializing in the following areas:

Environmental Planning and Management Strategy

Archaeological Evaluation and Cultural Landscape Treatment Plans

Political and Legislative Strategy

Public Relations

In these four areas, services include conducting CEQA, NEPA and NHPA Section 106 review and compliance evaluations; conducting cultural resource surveys and data recovery; writing cultural landscape analyses and landscape treatment plans and identifying resource mitigation strategies, e.g. historical interpretation plans and exhibits; writing statements of significance for eligibility of sites on the National and California Register of Historic Places; building and facilitating stakeholder involvement and coalitions; enlisting the support of key decisionmakers, e.g. NGOs, local, state and federal elected officials, U.S. Congressional and state legislative committee staff; conceptualizing ideas for and executing educational forums and events

I’ve launched this very simple website to provide some key information. We’ll be building this site out over the coming months.

Thank you for visiting and don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your project.

– Ellen

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