Ellen JohnckEllen Joslin Johnck is a leader in the development of strategies featuring public-private sector collaborations to achieve the objectives of the maritime industry and shoreline business for economic growth and environmental stewardship.

Ellen’s is the “go-to” consultant for planning and permitting of dredging and dredged material placement, marine and shoreside project construction, fish and wildlife habitat restoration, parks and, recreation, flood protection and cultural resource documentation and landscape analysis.

Consulting services also include advocating to secure federal and state funding and political and legislative strategies for the planning and construction of infrastructure projects supporting trade and commerce linked to environmental improvements. Ellen’s experience leading stakeholder organization and consensus-building projects has been successful in fostering the cooperation of a diversity of groups and agencies working across boundaries.


Over 48 years of work experience at the interface of environmental, maritime industry, shoreline business and political activity in CA coastal areas and S.F. Bay-Delta. Responsible for initiating and shaping existing, California and federal environmental laws and policy.   Achieved over $500 M in funding for and expedited projects and programs for Bay-Delta  civil works including major port and navigation channel dredging and habitat restoration.